So you're a recruiter...

If you want to contact me, please let me tell you a bit about myself first.

My personal manifesto

Distributed teams over colocation

Flow efficiency over resource efficiency

Satisfied customers over satisfied assumptions

Leading through purpose over managing by objectives

Inclusivity over exclusivity

… that is, while there is value in the item on the right, I value the item on the left more.

Challenges I'm excited about

Building up and leading remote teams

Driving a culture of openness, inclusivity, positivity and productivity(1)

Improving the lives of the customer, one experience at a time

Fostering teal(2), level 5(3) organizations

Commitments I'm expecting to make

I commit to focusing on leading people and enabling them to focus on creating value for the customer.

I commit to making it my mission to help people in my charge grow in any way that they are motivated by and advancing their career in directions that excite them.

I commit to challenging my superiors to provide a clear vision, mission, purpose and goals for the organization and remove all impediments to reaching those.

I commit to creating a working environment where people in my charge can focus on the customer's needs and removing all impediments to this.

If you feel the organization you represent appreciates these commitments and offers these challenges, please feel free to contact me through LinkedIn.

To make it easier for me to find your meaningful offer between the spam, please mention one of the books from the challenges section in the title.

Why I get out of bed in the morning

To connect to everyone's inner child,

so that together we can make the world a happier, more passionate, fulfilled and friendly place.