Give yourself permission

Some people – some of us – have a harder time than others, accepting support. Those people – we – need to learn, to give ourselves permission to be cared for.

Let me explain.

A few years ago, I got myself into a bad place. I was in debt, tax agents at my door and all I did was stick my head in the ground. I tried to make it all go away simply by ignoring it. And there would even have been easy ways out of this with the help of others.

But I was not at all willing to let anyone in close enough to help me out. Not in any way. Luckily people cared enough about me to push through my walls, to break them down and make me accept their care. Even though it came at its own price, it was well worth it in the end.

Paradoxically, I have a whole binder full of stories of stepping into someone else's life in just this way. Helping them to get over something, make something happen or simply be there for them. I'm quick to jump in and extend my care to others. Letting them reciprocate? Not so much.

Take it from someone that took the hard route: Make things easier on yourself and the people around you.

Give yourself permission to be cared for.

Just like you are always ready to step up and help a friend or family member, others are ready to do this for you. Allow yourself to let them care for you. I'm not saying “allow them” – they already want to do it –, but “allow yourself”. Allow yourself to receive their care and to take their hand.